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♥ Kontaktanzeige von THAIFRAU Ooy, 39 Jahre ♥

♥ Kontaktanzeige von THAIFRAU Ooy, 39 Jahre ♥
Ooy, 39

Foto von Kantamol Chanchay die einen Partner bei sucht

Spitzname: Ooy, 39 Jahre

Looking for: Man age 40 not over 55 years Don't drink and don't smoke
And don't like men smoking a lot

Height: 155 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Children: 1 son age 8 years
Work: Massage staff And being educated as a massage instructor and massage therapist
Languages: Speak English a little.
Hobbies: like fitness, Swimming, singing and dancing ,Tourist attraction Like the sea and waterfall

Kantamol Chanchay

14/7 Moo 4,
Bangkaew Subdistrict,
Mueang District,
Chachoengsao Province,


THAIFRAU-Inserat Nummer (ID): 10002, letzte Änderung 04.05.2019 11:36:31