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♥ Kontaktanzeige von THAIFRAU Ben, 26 Jahre ♥

♥ Kontaktanzeige von THAIFRAU Ben, 26 Jahre ♥
Ben, 26

Foto von Rinnaphat Wongaunob die einen Partner bei sucht

Spitzname: Ben, 26 Jahre

I like to enjoy the sea like nature like movies, music, exercise. I have been married 1 time, not married. Look for a polite, clean-looking man. Higher than myself Age between 35-50 years old.

Height: 158 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Children:2 sons, 6 years and 4 years old
Work:Doing business about agricultural plants, wholesale of shallots.
Languages:English can communicate a little Italian.
Hobbies:Like watching movies and dancing exercises.

Rinnaphat Wongaunob

152/1 Moo 3
Yangchumnoi District
Amper Yangchumnoi
Srisaket 33190


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