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♥ Kontaktanzeige von THAIFRAU Ked, 46 Jahre ♥

♥ Kontaktanzeige von THAIFRAU Ked, 46 Jahre ♥
Ked, 46

Foto von Thai Girl Kesarin Lao-ut

Spitzname: Ked, 46 Jahre

Looking for: man age 40-65 .I like man from england swiss and german or france I born in 13 apr 1968 .I not smoke not drink .I can speka little english but no computer you can email me you address and phone in this email i will answer you by letter or call me .
I divorced
Children: 2 girl age 18-13 years
Height: 163
Work:work in farm garden
Hobbies: read newspaper and like to make garden

Kesarin Lao-ut

161 Moo 6
Kok Saard District
Amper Pu Kiew

THAIFRAU-Inserat Nummer (ID): 4652, letzte Änderung 23.12.2017 19:24:07