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♥ Kontaktanzeige von THAIFRAU Seera, 45 Jahre ♥

♥ Kontaktanzeige von THAIFRAU Seera, 45 Jahre ♥
Seera, 45

Foto von Sirarak Charonesrimaung die einen Partner bei sucht

Spitzname: Seera, 45 Jahre

Looking for: I am a good-humored person, easy to smile, not good at talking Compassion for everyone Like to help people in need Have generosity Honest and loyal, dont drink alcohol, dont smoke, dont gamble like to cook and travel I have been married.
Looking for a man aged 45-70 years old (used to have family, can accept, no problem) No drinking, no smoking, no tattoos, accept only
honest, sincere and love me is enough
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Children: I have 2 sons, 15 years old and 10 years old.
Work: Nurse
Languages: Thai and English, A little german
Hobbies: Cooking, TV, reading

Sirarak Charonesrimaung

81/10 Pracha Uthit Road,
Nai Mueang Subdistrict,
Mueang District,
Phitsanulok Province,

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