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♥ Kontaktanzeige von THAIFRAU Pim, 38 Jahre ♥

♥ Kontaktanzeige von THAIFRAU Pim, 38 Jahre ♥
Pim, 38

Foto von Nawarat Chaichompoo die einen Partner bei sucht

Spitzname: Pim, 38 Jahre

Looking for: nice man age 40-60

Height: 163 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Children: 1 daughter, 6 years old, lives with her aunt Because I have to work in the provinces.
work: My job is a masseuse. Spa is a standard spa, not a massage for libido or sex therapy in Puket

Languages: Can speak English well enough to read and write.

Hobbies: likes to do. Food, grow vegetables, watch movies, listen to music, like to walk on the beach

Nawarat Chaichompoo


182 Village No. 10,
Sara Sub-district,
Chiang Muan District,
Phayao Province 56160

THAIFRAU-Inserat Nummer (ID): 10367, letzte Änderung