♥ Lonely Hearts Ad of THAI LADY Bew, 42 years

Ponchanok Promya

92/102 Rattanatibet Rd
Soi Taeit
Bagraknoi District
Amper Muang

💌 Beauthailand@gmail.com

Nickname: Bew, 42 years

I am genuine. I am looking for someone to settle down and build a lovely family together, who is a nice guy between 46 – 60 years old, kind, calm and clean person. I prefer a guy who is healthy. It’s fine if occasionally drinks but not smokes and well educated.

I am single with no kid. I don't smoke, drink a little on occasionally. I am well educated, healthy lifestyle and a dog lover. I enjoy traveling, eating, cooking, exercising, the beach, the nature.

How do you say to an evening walk by the beach and a romantic dinner? .

Height:150 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Work: Goverment job
Languages: Thai English
Hobbies: Watch TV, listen to music, cook, exercise, meet friends, travel.

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