♥ Lonely Hearts Ad of THAI LADY Pooh, 41 years

K​anlayanee T​hobtherb

Moo. 2
Kham Thao Phatthana Subdistrict
Kantharawichai District
Maha Sarakham

💌 Neeqeori@hotmail.com

Nickname: Pooh, 41 years

Desired partner: a good man aged 42-60, stable and sincere.

About me: I am shy, playful, funny with my best friend. If they don't know each other, they feel scared and overthinking.
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Children: No
Work: University employee.
Languages: Thai, English.
Hobbies: Traveling in nature and seaside. I like to drink coffee at the beautiful coffee shop.

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