♥ Lonely Hearts Ad of THAI LADY Tiem, 54 years

D​ussadee T​awanna

Moo 2,
Don Kaew Subdistrict,
Mae Rim District,
Chiang Mai 50180

💌 Tiemwan.2511@gmail.com

Nickname: Tiem, 54 years

Desired partner: a man aged 58 and over, being a faithful foreigner to the family. And funny, humorous, not easily angry,important that he is honest and really loves me forever.

About me: I am small body but healthy. I have a cheerful disposition, not taking advantage of others. Be honest, love cleanliness like doing all the housework by myself. I deal with expenses well,do not smoke and drink. Now alone and felt lonely because my daughter get married and separated live with me.
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Children: 1
Work: Sewing at home.
Languages: Thai, little English.
Hobbies: plant trees and vegetables in the kitchen garden.

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