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Sophay, 42 years

Sophay Neang

Nickname: Sophay, 42 years

Ich suche eine aufrichtigen und humorvollen Mann ab 50 Jahren für ein gemeinsames Leben. Er sollte bevorzugt aus Deutschland, Österreich oder Skandinavien kommen. Bitte per E-Mail auf englisch antworten. Bei Sprachproblemen hilft meine Schwester die in Hamburg verheiratet ist. Ich wohne aktuell in der Nähe von Lyon, Frankreich und arbeite im Obsthandel.
I am looking for a good and honest husband for a united future.

Meine Daten
Sprachen:Khmer, Englisch
Kinder:2 Töchter ( 19 und 21 Jahre alt) die in Phnom Penh, Kambodscha studieren
Hobbys: Kochen, Sport, Reisen

Sophay Neang
C/o Heng Savy Allee 10
10 Chemin De Lapras
07100 Annonay, France

Yaya, 55 years

Sukanya Kavirod

Nickname: Yaya, 55 years

Partnerwunsch:Suche deutschen Mann zwecks heirat. Bin fürsorglich und liebevoll.
Kontaktaufnahme erfolgt über meine Nichte die in Deutschland lebt

Meine Daten
Sprachen:thailändisch und englisch
Kinder:1 Sohn,25,alleinlebend
Hobbys:Joggen, Handarbeit und fotografieren

8/1 Sumothavarad road
Ap Muang Nan 55000

Nam, 24 years

Theethipnapa Thipphayom

Nickname: Nam, 24 years

Partnerwunsch: Hello everybody,my name is Nam. I live in Bangkok. I am looking for a nice man at the age 25-40,nonsmoker and careful about drinking.I am single,no children and never been married.It would be great if you are living in Leipzig like my aunt. Nice to meet you

Meine Daten
Größe: 161 cm
Gewicht: 62 Kg
Sternzeichen: Widder
Beruf: Staff in company
Sprachen: Thai, Englisch and want to be learn Deutsch
Kinder:I dont have Children and never was married
Hobbys: Reading books,watching movies and cooking

240/1 Moo.14, Sompoi,District
Chatturat, Province Chaiyaphum

Cat, 51 years

Dusadee Suwannitikul

Nickname: Cat, 51 years

Looking for: Age 50-70
Looking for a long-term relationship and marriage

Height: 160 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Children: one son
Work: There is a small restaurant to go to the house, Thai food, noodles, fried foods and smoothies.
Languages: Thai lilltle English
Hobbies: look tv

29/8 Moo 2,
Khlong Chan Sub-district,
Wiang Sa District,
Surat Thani Province,

Pam, 36 years

Chenisa Luecha

Nickname: Pam, 36 years

Looking for: Man age 33 to 55 years

Height: 157 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Children: one son age 11
Work: Government Revenue Department
Languages: Speak Thai and English can speak a little
Hobbies: Like to watch news, read books, watch TV, sing sports, such as badminton, volleyball, walking, running, growing vegetables, dancing, embroidery, arranging flowers, gardening, raising fish.

31/2 Moo 5, Ban Por Klang,
Por Subdistrict,
Wiang Kaen District,
Chiang Rai Province,

Aeow, 33 years

Yupin Puttadee

Nickname: Aeow, 33 years

Ich wünsche mir einen treuen, deutschen Mann zwischen 35 und 50 Jahren der mit beiden Beinen fest im Leben steht, und in geordneten Verhältnissen lebt. Ideal wäre, wenn Du aus Berlin oder dem näheren Umland kommst. Ich habe dort Verwandte, die mir zunächst ein wenig bei den Übersetzungen helfen. Im Moment lerne ich in Bangkok für die A1 Prüfung deutsch.
Bitte in Deutsch antworten

I wish a faithful, German man between 35 and 50 years of age who has both feet firmly on the ground and lives in orderly circumstances. I search only in Germany. It would be ideal if you came from Berlin or the surrounding area. I have relatives there who help me with the translations. At the moment I am learning German for the A1 exam in Bangkok. Please answer in German.

Meine Daten
Größe: 1,59
Gewicht: 48 kg
Sternzeichen: Fisch
Beruf: Näherin
Sprachen: Thai und bald deutsch :-)
Kinder: 1 Sohn 8 Jahre
Hobbys: Musik hören, neue Dinge kennenlernen, Filme ansehen, Kochen

170/10 Ban Pulu,
T. Ban Chiang,
Nong Han,
Udon Thani 41320

Doaw, 38 years

Naritsara Namlao

Nickname: Doaw, 38 years

Looking for: Looking for men aged 39 - 45 years

Height: 161 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Children: Has 1 daughter, 13 years old
Work: Goverment job
Languages: Thai English
Hobbies: Travel, watching movies, making snacks

8 Soi Tad Khae 3,
Tad Khaen Road,
Mukdahan Subdistrict,
Mueang District,
Mukdahan Province 49000

Namfon, 36 years

Supanee Siripee

Nickname: Namfon, 36 years

Looking for: I am a cheerful person. Athaya is good with easy, easy to eat, not too much. ** Looking for men aged 35 - 50 years with good habits, polite, honest and honoring women for love for marriage, to create a family and have children.

Height: 160 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Children: no kid but need to have kid
Work: Is a regular employee
Languages: little english
Hobbies: Gel paint and nail painting

202 Banglamung Subdistrict,
Banglamung District,
Chonburi 20150

Jan, 56 years

Janthakorn Maisuwan

Nickname: Jan, 56 years

Looking for: Want to know men aged 65-72 years, want to know a good friend And may develop good relationships with each other in the long term

Height: 160 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Children: -
Work: Have a regular job in the hotel management department
Languages: Very good English, speaking, reading, writing
Hobbies: Visit the garden, drink coffee, watch TV, read books.

162 Bann Sunkhue, Moo 8 Soi 1,
Nongphuang Distriact,
Sarapee Sub District,
50140 Thailand

Cat, 24 years

Amornjaree Kongpon

Nickname: Cat, 24 years

My name is Amornjaree Kongpon, or you can call me Cat. Im 24 years old. I live in Chonburi, Thailand. I live with my parents. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I am the 3rd child. I am single and I have never been married. My older (Half) - sister found her German husband with almost 14 years back (yes, she is much older than me), and they are still happy, so I want to try it now, too! ;-)

I am a chubby girl hehehe. I am 158 cm tall and my weight is 69kg. The Chest 40 | Waist 34 | Hip 41

My hobbies are travel, singing, movies and make up artist. Especially travel I am really love to travel when I have time and chance.

Currently, I work at SONY company and I work about order management of production planning. I graduated with a bachelors degree faculty of logistics, the major of international trade and logistics management.

I’m looking for serious relationship. I like a good guy, who has a good heart, gentlemen and love me the way who I am. His age: from 25-40 years old. I’m here not for sex online but I’m looking for a real love!
I don’t like a man who is a player.
Personally, I love to smile and I’m a good listener. I’m friendly person and be good with everyone. I’m not a player. I don’t drink, don’t smoke and don’t play gambling.
I’m a honest person, so that’s why I am looking for a guy who is honest with me, too.

If you are a nice guy, honest and sincere, just leave me a message, and I will get back to you soon.


516/3 M.5 Setthakit Road,
T. Ban Suan,
A. Mueang Chonburi,
Chonburi 20000,

Meaw, 50 years

Ailleen Yupithak

Nickname: Meaw, 50 years

Looking for: Man age 60 to 74 years

Height: 160 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Children: -
Work: company
Languages: Thai English
Hobbies: Nature trip

401 Bangor River Sai Condo ,
Charan Sanitwong Road ,
Soi Charan 94/1,
Bang O Subdistrict,
Bang Phlat District,
Bangkok 10700

J, 43 years

Jaravee Siribat

Nickname: J, 43 years

Looking for: man age 45 to 60 years

Height: 158 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Children: 1 son
Work: Salon
Languages: Thai English
Hobbies: gym, swim

193 Baan Khum Tai,
Moo 2, Kosum-Chiang Yuen Road,
Hua Khwang Subdistrict,
Kosum Phisai District,
Maha Sarakham Province,
Code 44140

Kab, 46 years

Prapapon Puntujina

Nickname: Kab, 46 years

Looking for: man age 40 to 60 years

Height: 155 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Children: 3
Work: Salon
Languages: thai English
Hobbies: Look movie and listen song

85 Moo 9,
Tambon Nong Pla Lai,
Amphoe Mueang,

Pat, 33 years

Patcharee Deechum

Nickname: Pat, 33 years

Looking for: Man age 40 to 50 years

Height: 170 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Children: -
Work: Company
Languages: Thai, English
Hobbies: Watching Korean kpop concerts

The Tharawadee Sriracha Co., Ltd.,
351/64 Moo 12,
Thung Sukhla Subdistrict,
Si Racha District,
Chon Buri Province 20230

Keawta, 40 years

Sirirat Jangsan

Nickname: Keawta, 40 years

Looking for: Man age 38-50 years

Height: 153 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Children: 1
Work: staff Company
Languages: Thai, A little English basic
Hobbies: reading, listening to music

47/1 Moo 10,
Sri Maha Phot Subdistrict,
Si Maha Phot District,
Prachin Buri Province,

Mew, 26 years

Punyanuch Nasongsri

Nickname: Mew, 26 years

Looking for: Man age 30-70 years

Height: 165 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Children: 1
Work: Merchant
Languages: Thai, English
Hobbies: Like to sale on line and take care kid

66 Moo 12 ,
Ban Fang Daeng - Suchakasem,
Haiyong Subdistrict,
Phang Khon District,
Sakon Nakhon 47160

Nong, 45 years

Naanapas Thanyaudom

Nickname: Nong, 45 years

Partnerwunsch:Suche einen lieben Mann nur aus Solingen bis 60 Jahre.

Meine Daten
Größe:1,56 m
Gewicht:66 kg

72/1,Amat Rd.Mueang
Subdist.,Muang Dist.
Khon Kaen
40000 Thailand

Weaw, 30 years

Niphawan Na-om

Nickname: Weaw, 30 years

Partnerwunsch:ich suche einen guten ehrlichen Mann 35-50 Jahre alt, der an einer dauerhaften Beziehung interessiert ist. Du solltest in gesicherten Verhältnissen leben und keine Alkoholprobleme haben.

Meine Daten
Beruf:Verkäuferin Lederwaren im Kaufhaus
Sprachen:Englisch, Thai
Hobbys:Musik hören,Kochen

283 Moo 11
Taboon Nong Sung
Mueang Udon Thani
41330 Udon Thani

Bird, 40 years

Ampa Sao-e-ngong

Nickname: Bird, 40 years

Looking for: 40 up

Height: 155cm
Weight: 65 kg
Children: 1
Work: Thai massage
Languages: little english
Hobbies: Clean room

222/347 The Parade Ratchada-Thapra,
Floor 23, Room 23/17,
Ratchadapisek Road,
Dao Khanong Subdistrict,
Thonburi District

Mon, 63 years

Kamonpon Phutth

Nickname: Mon, 63 years

Looking for: Man age 58-68

Height: 155 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Children: 3
Work: house keeper
Languages: little english
Hobbies: Like garden work and Like to travel naturally, exercise to the sea

263/120 The Niche ID Ladprao,
Lat Phrao District,

Bel, 39 years

Jongkonnee Langmane

Nickname: Bel, 39 years

Looking for: Man age 45-55 years

Height: 159 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Children: 2 all teen age
Work: Just returned from abroad
Languages: Can speak Mandarin
Hobbies: Child care, hobby

119 Moo 4,
Mae Pa Subdistrict,
Thoen District,
Lampang Province,

Kik, 24 years

Kanjana Sawakon

Nickname: Kik, 24 years

Partnerwunsch: Ich bin 24 Jahre alt wünsche mir einen netten seriösen, treuen Mann als Freund . Bei gegeseitiger Zuneigung wäre eine Heirat super.
Mein Wunschpartner ist zwischen 27 und 50 Jahre alt.
Du kommst aus Franken, Südhessen od.Thüringen .Der erste Kontakt sollte in Würzburg sein, da die Familie meiner Tante dort wohnt.
Meine Hobbys sind Schwimmen und Beachvollyball.

Meine Daten
Beruf: Schwimmtrainer
Sprachen:Englisch Thai Deutsch kann übersetzt werden
Kinder: 0
Hobbys:Schwimmen Beach Volleyball

38 Khlongteoy 2
Hatyai 90110

Jiew, 42 years

Ladda Phrabu

Nickname: Jiew, 42 years

Looking for: Man age 40 to 60 years

Height: 155 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Children: 1
Work: Company
Languages: little English
Hobbies: Like a prayer book

80 Moo 6,
Tha Kala Subdistrict,
Mancha Khiri District,
Khon Kaen,

Som, 42 years

Kritsapon Kongpakjit

Nickname: Som, 42 years

Looking for: Man age 50 years up

Height: 155 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Children: 2
Work: I work for Caddy Golf Course
Languages: Little English
Hobbies: Like listening to music and planting trees

99/1 Moo 11,
Bangna-Trad Road M.18,
Bang Chalong Sub-district,
Bang Phli District,
Samut Prakan Province,

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