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♥ Kontaktanzeige von THAIFRAU Ann, 42 Jahre ♥

Bild von Thaifrau  Ann
Foto von Thai Girl Pontip Poormsawat

Pontip Poormsawat

120 Moo.2
Mee Lon District
Amper Visadchaichan
Spitzname: Ann, 42 Jahre
Kinder: 1 Mädchen 12 lebt bei Mutter
Gewicht 60 kg
Größe: 155 cm
Beruf: sell fruit
Sprachen: thai

I born in Angtong Province
I have two mother because My dad had two wife. My old mom have sister 3 peoples girl two. I am number two .
And step mom 3 peoples sister one and brother 2.
I had 2 kid is boy . The older is girl Age 11 years younger is boy age 8.
But my kid is boy . I had give my boy kid for my mom to be step child with my mom when he born.
My kid girl now she study in years 5. She good study clever and good talk.

♥ Ann ist meine Thai-Traumfrau ♥ Wie geht es weiter?

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